Wintertoes Results

To stay fit after the triathlon season Tritanium organizes the ‘Wintertoescompetition’ every year. In the competition Tritanen can score points during winter-races. The score will be calculated via the ‘BAM Scoresysteem’. Ask the Technical Coordinator for more information. Here you can find a list of previous winter-toe champions:

Ladies Men
2019-2020 Johanna Lorenz Luuk Molenaar
2018-2019 Johanna Lorenz Bram Smit
2017-2018 Fenna Heijnen Bram Smit
2016-2017 Franciska Schutter Bram Smit
2015-2016 Christina Draijer Duco van der Kuijl
2014-2015 Christina Draijer Duco van der Kuijl
2013-2014 Christina Draijer Frank Janssen
2012-2013 Martine Bruinsma Vincent Harder
2011-2012 Vincent Harder
2010-2011 Marieke van Hunen Ben van Oeveren
2009-2010 Marieke van der Vegt

Marieke van Hunen

Ben van Oeveren

Ruud Hadders

2008-2009 Marieke van der Vegt Andrie Westerkamp
2007-2008 Nienke Vlak Rik Wemmenhove
2006-2007 Lizette van der Vegt Jochem Slijkhuis
2005-2006 Nienke Vlak Rik Wemmenhove
2004-2005 Nienke Vlak Rik Wemmenhove