Would I be a good Triathlete?

Whenever you are telling a person you do triathlon, people are mostly quite impressed. Becoming a real triathlete can happen really quickly. People discover triathlon differently. When you already run and cycle, only swimming is missing for you. Others are looking for the challenge to practice more than one sport. From whatever point you start, triathlon is a perfect mix of three complementary sports. It’s a challenge and it is always a lot of fun to do!

Tritanium provides the space for athletes to train on a recreational level, but it also provides opportunities for top athletes to perform on high levels.

If you are interested, just stop by and check it out. See if you like it when participating at some of our training sessions. Just send an email to the board (see contact). There are no obligations for you! We want to provide help and support for every new member to be able to explore this fun sport.


The history of Triathlon

Hawaii, 1978:

It all started with American soldiers, who could not agree on the one sport which is the most difficult one. To figure it out, they organized a competition in which all three disciplines had to be completed. The winners of this competition would call themselves the ‘Iron Man’.

Sydney, 2000: triathlon became an Olympic sport. The Olympic distance was created and covers 1.5km swimming, 40km cycling and 10km running.

Watch the video below to get a feeling of how incredible the life of a triathlete is.