Triteam Groningen is the combination team of G.S.T.V. Tritanium and G.V.A.V. Triathlon. The teams travel throughout the country to compete in the Team Triathlon Divisions. The cooperation between the two associations is a strong combination that can compete on all levels, from 4th division to the elite. We challenge each other and make each other stronger, which can be seen in the results.
Every division team is led by two captains (one from every association), so everything is organised well and everyone can achieve what they would like to achieve. The teams will meet on several combined training days, where, evidently, we train hard, but also have a lot of fun together. Triteam is accessible to everyone: from the elite to beginners, everyone is welcome!

The registration of the team triathlon takes place in the last few months of the year. In december the teams will be presented during the kick-off.

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