The Tritaan & Corona – A HJD perspective
7 April 2020
29 July 2020

Tritanium busy as a bee

Almost for two months now the Tritanen cannot train together. Of course that doesn’t mean we’re sitting still, because that is something Tritanen simply don’t know. Fortunately, we know how to help and motivate each other, even at distance. Our trainers keep posting our weekly workouts online, which not only those in the north, but also those in the middle of the country gratefully make use of. In the meantime the Redactie has published 2 new TT’s (which you cannot only find in your mailbox, but also here: For extra challenge, the board has set-up some challenges. Almost half of Tritanium joined the Instagram not-in-the-pubquiz, and tactics were shown-off during the Tritanium Strava challenge. Moreover, there was a true battle for the Tri-classification, where Robbert took almost all points, and Pien needed her hedgehog socks to touch her head for an extra point. In the meanwhile other Tritanen put forth their best foot in the digital version of the BATA 2020! Normally this is one of the events to which some Tritanen look forward to all year. The Batacie might have teared up a little when it became apparent no hot amigo’s would be drunk and no epic dances would be dances. Of course the Batacie was not gonna throw in the towel, the gathered enthusiastic Tritanen from all over the country to receive an interesting bata-name, run very fast, and not receive an amigo as reward (except for Thijs, who was not going to run without one). Although no amigo’s were rewarded, Tritanium became 11th! After that achievement, we’re looking to the future online hALV at the end of may. Fortunately we are slowly getting more liberty (also watch your mailbox for updates!) and we’ll hopefully see each other soon again!
Stay healthy 😉