Below the current board members have each written a short description about our position.  Unfortunately we are unable to talk much at the moment. So, if you have any questions about a particular position or about a board year at Tritanium in general, mail, app, call or Skype us!

As the chair, it’s important to have an overall view and guide the board in the right direction. Apart from the internal Tritanium and ACLO things, you will learn to communicate, lead and work together. Additionally, you are the business card of the association, and therefore important for the contacts Tritanium has.

As vice-chairman you support the rest of the board and you assist where necessary. You carry out the tasks of the chairperson in case of absence. There is often the possibility to pick up tasks which you are interested in or which need extra attention during the board year (like sponsorship this year).

As secretary it is your responsibility that all new members are well informed and registered everywhere (ACLO, NTB, list of members). At the beginning of the year this is a nice challenge and a nice advantage is that you know all new members. Of course, you have more things to as secretary. I would like to tell you about that. In summary, it is informing, communicating and keeping things in order.

As Treasurer you have the opportunity to boost your CV with financial knowledge on a small scale. You will be in charge of the finances of our beautiful association, learn how to make a year-budget, make and sign contracts and have a lot of fun by seeing what is going on in the association as board member!

Technical Coordinator
As TC you’re involved with everything concerning training, trainers, special training days, competitions, and much more! Therefore, you’re quite busy communicating, organizing and planning. Are those your fortes? Sign up as potential TC!

Send your motivation before 15 May to Indicate which position you prefer and why!

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Bestuur Wouda