ACLO-Course Swimrun
22 February 2020

Ameland Adventures

Last weekend was again a great success! All Tritanen have shown what strong cross-legs we have on the Ameland AdventureRun: the day started off great with the 5k, with Zoe reaching a 4th place! Other Tritanen in this field, Alke, Lotte, Sanne, Alex & Robert had many runners bite their dust.

On the 10k we had a whopping 7 ladies & 4 men. In the men’s race, Luuk took an impressive 11th place, just in front of Jesse, who took a 13th place. Cas and Leander passed up many runners and both ran a very fast 10k. For the ladies Fenna took a neat 7th place, and Marieke, who found a pair of crosslegs after all, took a 15th place in this competitive field. Jolanda also did nice work. The two Irene’s formed a strong cross-duo, just like Loes and Renske, and finished the race together, immediately continuing to the house to cheer on the runners of the half marathon during their last kilometres. And despite the strong tailwind on the beach, the half marathon was a grim adventure, because a tailwind turns into a headwind eventually. Johanna flew over the course to an 8th place, closely followed by Milou, who ran to a 9th place. Loes and Telma had set up a great raceplan: using Anne and her gigantic swim-wings as a windscreen. Telma left the raceplan early though to rush forward. However, Loes had very strong legs during the last kilometres and took an impressive 35th place in her very first half marathon!
During the half marathon the Battle of the T(r)itanen also took place between Verhoeven and Badr. Surprisingly, it seem like the flying ginger Bobby was passing both Verhoeven and Badr by leading the race for a considerable time. However, Badr is of course an experienced runner on his own turf, and played a strong tactical game. On the sloping part Badr let Verhoeven lead the race, so he would tire himself, and this worked: Badr took the lead and also left the surprising flying ginger eating his sanddust. Badr wins the final showdown, but will there be another rematch? Is Verhoeven brave enough to still join christmas-spinning? Only time will tell!

After all this running, the legs had to go up and a Nobeltje or 2 (or 3, or 4) were consumed to restore the energy levels enough for the dansjes in the infamous Lichtboei. Whilst the board were peacocking in their new board jackets (thanks to Shirtalaminute!), van Wijngaarden taught the Veteranen gangnam-style, two mini’s were hugging a pole, and Wiegers left the party with someone else’s bike trying to find the phone that was in his own backpocket, but most of all, everyone partied pretty hard!

After all these adventures on Ameland some changes occurred in the Wintertoes-classification: Thijs has sent Leander back to a 3rd place, and Sanne is closing in on Fenna for a 2nd place. We’re halfway the classification, so everything can still happen!

The next run is the Sylvesterloop in Glimmen on januari 31st, where there will be Oliebollen and gluhwein, so yum!

Happy holidays, and see you the 31st!